Wherever the road takes me, I try to have a camera close at hand.  It may be the wilderness of Northern Canada from when I worked there as a young man.  It could be from my journeys through China, Europe, Iran or the American West.   It could be a chance encounter with a bumble bee in my front garden or watching the birds return to my Ottawa neighbourhood along the Rideau River in the spring. It could be an organized political convention, a highly publicized trial or just people I happen to meet on the street.  If it catches my eye, perhaps my camera will as well.
Staging a photo, whether a portrait or other type of setup is generally not my style.  I like to simply capture what I see, as it unfolds, with whatever device I have handy. I’ve been known to use a tripod and will tinker with long exposures for that “look”, but not too often.
Early in my photographic endeavours I spent countless hours in the darkroom trying to make those black & white images "just so".  How things have changed.  I've traded those hours in the dark with chemicals for perhaps even more time in front of a computer screen.
Recently I have joined the Camera Club of Ottawa and enjoy it immensely.  Historically it is one of the oldest such clubs in Canada.  During the thirties and early forties none other than Yousef Karsh was a member.  From September through to late May we meet every Tuesday evening at the Hintonburg Community Centre. Several slide and print competitions are organized as well as outings, and a variety of guest speakers and workshops.  More info at http://www.cameraclubottawa.ca/
Photography for me has always been fun and enlightening.  Most importantly it has proven over the years to be an ongoing learning experience.  When I walk around with a camera I invariably find myself looking up, looking down, and looking around, to see what I can see.  When I take the time to look, I am always amazed.  To get a photograph is simply icing on the cake. I invite you to join me on the journey by clicking through a few of these pages or, alternatively, check out my ten minute youtube video 
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