A Walk Through Hintonburg

In the spring of 2014 I took a walk through through this funky urban area of Ottawa. Also known as "Wellington West" it is a treasure trove of independent businesses. Lots of creativity exploding here.

One of numerous local eateries
The arts are active.
Something for everyone!
Lots of cafes.
Your local market
Pizza with Pizzazz!
Or perhaps a fresh donut is what you are looking for.
Unique office buildings
Restored older buildings.
Your cycling needs can be met.
A fine selection of fabrics.
Interesting buildings.
Looking for beauty supplies?
Perhaps a cafe with a street view.
Or you need a new style
Colourful murals.
This brightens up the street.
Unique storefronts
Lots of food variety
Food from around the world
Yet more pizza variety
Food is served throughout the day
This place has character.
Its Christmas all year round!
Yes, lots of funky places to eat!
Some like it hot!
Perhaps a sandwich will suffice.
Or maybe you are cooking at home tonight.
Need any yard maintenance!
I hope they have the seat!
The odd building is still waiting for some renovation work.
In case you have any legal troubles.
Harking back to bygone era.

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